Student Recruitment

Tufts enrolls 10,000 students in its two undergraduate colleges and seven graduate and professional schools. Each year, Tufts graduates constitute one of the brightest and most diverse groups of future leaders in the nation. Students come from nearly every state in the US and from more than 100 countries around the world.

Internships. While getting crucial real-world experience with your organization, a Tufts intern can be a valuable addition to your team, offering fresh insight and needed manpower.

Recruitment interviews. Schedule a campus visit; interview potential candidates. Tufts Career Services also uses to coordinate the recruiting program. enables employers to easily post job descriptions, view applicant resumes and cover letters, and render decisions regarding candidates.

Job postings. Full-time job listings are posted on the Internet for both entry level graduates and experienced alumni via our partnership with MONSTERTRAK, a computerized job listing service. Your positions will be marketed to Tufts University students and alumni across the country.

More. Talk to us about your organization’s needs and let us guide you through the creative solutions to staffing and expertise available at Tufts University.

Visit Career Services for additional recruiting resources.