Tech Transfer

Bringing products to market requires a proactive approach to technology transfer–an approach Tufts has undertaken. The CFR team can connect you with our experienced professionals, who understand the needs of companies, are knowledgeable of the university’s scientific base and administrative structure, and actively facilitate the transfer of innovative technology.

Tufts’ laboratories have sponsored novel ideas that have launched start-up companies in the Boston area. Each year, corporate funds flow into Tufts from early-stage and Fortune 500 companies to move to the marketplace commercially attractive products such as therapeutic compounds to treat autoimmune deficiencies and software search engines used for Internet applications.

Let us guide you through the resources of Tufts Tech Transfer.

Tech Transfer is responsible for facilitating the transfer of Tufts technology for public use and benefit.  They evaluate, obtains proprietary protection for, and assists in the distribution of technology for research and commercial purposes. Tech Transfer is responsible for transferring technology for commercial development by identifying potential markets and negotiating license agreements with industry partners, be they large or start-up companies. Their mission:

  • To make Tufts inventions and discoveries available for public benefit.
  • To promote research at Tufts University by facilitating appropriate relationships between the university and industrial collaborators.
  • To generate income to support research at Tufts University.

To Learn More:

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