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When should I contact the CFR office?
The CFR office serves as a resource at each step of the funding process. We can provide the best assistance if you contact us in advance of your outreach to foundations, corporations, and other private funders, as we can assist with background information, strategy, connections, and outreach.
How will the CFR team help me?

CFR is here to partner with faculty members from all schools to engage support for their research, educational and community-related projects. We provide professional service through all stages of the funding process including:

  • Established relationships with potential funders
  • Fundraising strategy development
  • Project and proposal development
  • Grant writing and editorial support
  • Stewardship: continuous communication, award acknowledgments, progress reports and site visits

To identify potential corporate or foundation sources of funding, or enlist our help in applying for funding or other support, visit For Faculty & Staff or contact us for more information.

Do I have to contact the CFR office before applying for a grant from a foundation or corporation?
Faculty are strongly encouraged in general to contact our team as they engage with institutional funders. In many cases, we can share additional application and institutional information from our database, provide background about Tufts’ relationship with the prospective funder, review proposals through a corporate or foundation lens, copy-edit applications, and assist faculty in securing administrative letters and required institutional documents in advance of submission.
Do foundations and corporations cover indirect costs or administrative fees?
Foundations and corporations very rarely allow for indirect (or overhead) costs to be budgeted at Tufts’ federally negotiated rate. The best way to determine what grantors will cover in the way of indirect or overhead fees is to read their budget guidelines in the RFP, or ask the CFR office if it is unclear. We will contact the funder to inquire whether indirect costs are permitted and at what rate.